Chugwater, WY

The most accepted version of how Chugwater got its name runs like this: Before any white men came into the area, a Mandan chief was disabled during a tribal buffalo hunt. His son, Ahwiprie, also known as "The Dreamer," had to take charge of the hunt. He came up with a plan of driving the buffalo over the nearby cliffs. When the buffalo hit, they made a chug like sound, either from the impact or the bursting of their stomachs. So, the place where the buffalo were stampeded was called "the place" or "water at the place where the buffalo chug" because of the stream close by.


  • Mayor/Council
  • Police Department - Platte County Sheriff,
  • Fire District- 18 volunteers
  • Fire Insurance rating - 8 and 9
  • Ambulance service
  • No business license required or building codes
  • Zoning Regulations


Baseball fields, tennis courts, swimmingpool, recreation center and two parks.


  • Electricity- Wheatland REA
  • Water- Municipal
  • Sewer- Municipal, Surge Lagoon System
  • Solid Waste Disposal available


Library,Day Care Center,Senior Center,Three churches,Motel,Two RV Parks, One monthly newspaper, Cable TV, Post Office